What you Need to Know


In honor of Gunsite’s 40th anniversary there will be only 40 slots available for this once in a lifetime all-inclusive training opportunity.


In order to participate in this event you must be able to pass a basic pistol qualification. Be sure that by the time you arrive, you are able to pass.

Course Commencement

The course of training begins at Gunsite Academy Sunday April 10, 2016 at 3:00PM. Mandatory orientation, safety brief and comprehensive equipment checks will be performed and range assignments issued.

Monday Morning April 11, 2016 08:00 AM: participants must pass the basic pistol qualification in order to be assigned to teams. If you do not pass, you will be assigned to a support range to work with an instructor on safety, gun handling and marksmanship. You will then be offered a second chance to shoot the basic pistol qualification. If you pass you will be assigned to a team. If you fail the qualification a second time, you will receive your sponsor gifts and swag, you may audit the entire event, participate in any non-firearms training, and attend all dinners and speaker presentations but your payment WILL NOT be refunded. In addition, you will have three (3) options:

(1) Receive credit for one future Gunsite class (as listed on the Gunsite schedule)
(2) Receive a one-day private tutorial from a Gunsite instructor (Tuesday – Friday)
(3) Depart the facilities and return home

Read the basic pistol qualification and BE SURE that you are able to pass!


Safety drives training and, as such, if you violate any safety rules, based on severity, you will receive a warning. A second violation and it is your last. We take firearms training VERY seriously and nobody outranks Captain Safety. If you are removed from a range for safety reasons, you are welcome to observe the remainder of the training, attend dinners, participate in any non-firearms training, attend speaker presentations and exercise any of your three options (listed above), your payment WILL NOT be refunded.

All Inclusive

Your week at Gunsite Academy April 10-15, 2016 includes:

(1) Five and one-half days of professional instruction with three world class instructors
(2) All ammunition for all weapon systems for the entire week
(3) Keynote speaker presentations for the entire week
(4) Earn a Carbine
(5) Earn a Red Dot Optic System
(6) Demo Carbine
(7) All lodging (6 nights)
(8) All meals (16 total)
(9) Snacks
(10) Range Assistants
(11) Multiple range and simulator access
(12) Training Events
(13) Skills Development
(14) Sponsor gifts (gear, etc.,)
(15) Lots of swag and unlimited photo/ video ops for your six days at Gunsite
(16) A digital recording of training, presentations and final FTX

To Secure Your Slot

April 10-15, 2016 all-inclusive training $ 7,500.

If before March 7, 2016

(1) Register now with a refundable (until March 7, 2016) online down payment of $750. This deposit will reserve a slot for you but slots are not guaranteed unless paid in full. If all guaranteed slots fill before you pay in full, your deposit will be refunded. (Note: PayPal now requires you to have an account in order to use your credit card. So we have added an additional payment method for credit cards.)

(2) To guarantee your slot, make a down payment of $750 with one of the buttons below. Then send a check for the balance of $6,750 by March 7, 2016 to: BIXPROS, LLC, 6929 N. Hayden Road, Suite C4-308, Scottsdale, AZ 85250.

Register Now! (PayPal)

Upon receipt by BIXPROS of your down payment, you will receive a registration confirmation and any information updates.

If after March 7, 2016

(1) All registrations must be paid in full.

(2) Send a check for amount of $7,500 to: BIXPROS, LLC, 6929 N. Hayden Road, Suite C4-308, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Upon receipt of your payment in full you will be sent information to include registration confirmation, full course schedule, detailed directions and other important information. You will also be provided with a detailed list of what to bring and other updates about the event.

As all event fees and costs are pre-committed, your payment WILL NOT be refunded after March 7, 2016.

By registering for this event you acknowledge and agree with the following: (1) You have read and understand the pistol qualification. (2) You understand that if you fail the basic pistol qualification you will be given three options for continued participation, but WILL NOT receive a refund.

Upon successful completion of your registration a payment receipt, registration confirmation and participant info pack will be sent to you via email.