Rob Leatham

Rob Leatham

Internationally recognized professional shooter Rob Leatham has been competing and winning in the sport of action pistol shooting, providing classes for upper-level competition shooters and conducting law enforcement and military training for over twenty five years.

Rob is a 26-Time USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) National Champion, 8-Time IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) World Champion, 6-Division USPSA Grand Master, 10-Time NRA (National Rifle Association) Bianchi Cup Champion, 8-Time Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Champion, 6-Time IDPA CDP (International Defensive Pistol Association Custom Defensive Pistol) National Champion, 2013 Camp Perry "President's Hundred" member, and a member of "Gold Team USA" / 9-Time IPSC Team World Champions.

Sponsored by shooting industry titans such as Springfield Armory, Safariland and others, in the world of competition shooting Rob Leatham is considered the undisputed top of the food chain. You can’t open up a magazine or website related to competitive shooting and not readily find Rob Leatham.

As a professional instructor, Rob is often called upon by specialty weapons teams in law enforcement and by the US Department of Defense Special Operations community to support training of tier-one assets by passing forward his invaluable skills and lifetime of hard-earned knowledge.

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