Gunsite Academy, Inc. is located in the beautiful high desert of northern Arizona approximately two (2) hours north of Phoenix or 40 minutes north of the historical territorial capital - Prescott.

The 2,800 acre ranch has twenty six (26) ranges and multiple shoot houses and outdoor shooting simulators. The ranges are from contact distance to over 2,000 yards using static, turning and moving robotic target systems. For advanced courses, force-on-force simulations are a part of the courses. No place else in the Republic offers the training opportunities and instructional opportunities that gunsite offers in one location.

NOTE: Most GPS systems and map programs (for example, Mapquest) will not give you reliable directions to gunsite.

Follow the signs from Highway 89 as noted below:

Many of our clients fly to Phoenix, Arizona and rent a car. The drive from the airport to gunsite takes about 2 hours. From the Phx airport take I-17 North to the SR 69 turn off where you will go west onto SR69. From SR69 you will take a right onto Fain Rd (between mile post marker 283 and 284) which will take you to North Highway 89. We are located off of North Highway 89, north of Prescott and Chino Valley, just south of Paulden, between mile marker 335 and 336. Turn west onto Rolling Hills Road and follow the signs to gunsite. Gunsite is located about 3 miles from Hwy. 89.

Those with private aircraft can fly into Prescott (KPRC). Commercial flights from Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix to Prescott are sometimes available.

If you may have any further questions or would like additional information, please contact Sheriff Ken Campbell (Ret.) Chief Operating Officer Gunsite Academy, Inc., 2900 West Gunsite Road, Paulden, AZ 86334, (928)-636-4565,