Chris White

Chris White

USN SEAL Team Chief Christopher White (Ret.) served as an Operator and Instructor at three separate SEAL Teams to include SEAL Team Six and later as the Senior Evaluator at the Naval Special Warfare Group One training staff. Prior to his serving in numerous hostile fire/ combat zones throughout his career, Chief White applied for BUD/S Training, completed his 26 week tour in class 131 and upon graduation, was transferred to SEAL TEAM ONE.

He completed two successful deployments to WESTPAC and one to the Persian Gulf during the Iran-Iraq war. In over 1.5 years in the SEAL TEAM ONE Training Cell he ran the Combat Diving Training for over 8 SEAL Platoons with a perfect safety record. Chief White successfully screened and was selected for training at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. He was the Combat Diving Instructor for a 40 Man Assault Team and became an expert with Explosive, Ballistic and Mechanical Method of Entry, (MOE or Breaching). During this time he cross trained with the numerous US Special Mission Units, the British Special Boat Service and the German GSG-9 counter terrorist units.

After transferring to SEAL TEAM TWO he worked as a Training Chief in Close Quarter Combat and Special Operations. He was then selected to be 'Alpha Platoon Chief' for a very successful 7.5 month deployment to Bosnia Herzegovina during which time he planned and executed numerous operations to apprehend and transport PIFWICs (persons identified for war crimes) to the Hague.

Transferred back to the west coast Chris was the Senior Evaluator for all west coast SEAL Platoons at Naval Special Warfare Group ONE Training and Readiness staff. During this period he was directly responsible for the tactical and safety aspects of training for all west coast SEALs, again with a perfect safety record.

Since the' Long War' began on September 11, 2001 Chris has worked as a Military Trainer and a Security Specialist throughout the world. He has trained many members of the US Military Special Operations community and protected numerous government and diplomatic personnel in some of the nastiest places on the planet, again with a 100% success rate. Recently, Chris has brought this very same hard edged, safe and realistic training to the civilian sector, with the same outstanding results.